Practical Information A-Z



Please contact the school on the first day of your child’s absence. There are 3 ways to report absence:

Phone:     01442 426300


Text:       01442 800504

Absence will be recorded as authorised if a satisfactory explanation has been recorded (eg: illness).

Unauthorised absence is absence without permission from the Headteacher. This includes all unexplained absences.

Holidays should in all but exceptional circumstances be taken in the school holidays. An Absence Request Form must be completed at least 1 week in advance if an absence is requested in term time. Absence over 10 days will count as unauthorised, except in exceptional circumstances as will a pupil with an attendance record below 95%.


The school’s Access Plan, which details what the school is doing to improve disabled access to the school and to the curriculum is available for inspection in the school office.

Pupil admissions to the school are controlled by the Local Authority and so the school has no special arrangements for the admission of pupils with disabilities.

It is the intention of the school that all pupils are given equal access to the curriculum and to all the extra-curricular activities, as far as possible. Support is given dependent on need and resources. The school is single storey, ramps are fitted to various outside entrances and two disabled toilets are available. All teaching areas have Soundfield sound amplification installed.

Our Inclusion Policy was reflects the requirements of the Disability Act which came into force on 1st September 2002.


The school has adopted the Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) Admissions Policy. Parents apply during the academic year before their child is due to start Nursery or Reception. The exact dates are set by HCC. You will be sent a leaflet by HCC explaining the process nearer the time to apply. Further information is available online: or by ringing 0300 123 4043.

Please note that a place in Nursery does not guarantee a place in Reception (full time school) and that a separate application must be made for entry into Reception. In case of over-subscription places are allocated by applying the Admission rules as set by HCC.

 In-year (ad hoc) applications (except Nursery) are co-ordinated by HCC. Please visit or ring 0300 123 4043. For in-year Nursery applications please contact the school direct.


Good attendance and punctuality are extremely important to your child’s education. We ask for your full co-operation with this.

Gates to the playground are opened at 8.30am, however as the playground is not staffed before and after school we encourage children from Reception to Year 6 not to arrive before 8.45am. Children in Nursery and Years 1 to 3 must be accompanied until the classroom doors shut at 8.55am (8.30am for Nursery).

Children must be in school by 8.55am, the classroom doors are shut promptly at this time. All children arriving after this time must report to the School Office via the main entrance and will be recorded as late.


Children are reminded of our expectations, that they should behave in a courteous and considerate manner and respect other people, the school premises and property. The class teacher is responsible in the first instance for the general welfare of his/her class. However we see discipline and pastoral care as a two way process between home and school.   Sometimes a child may be experiencing difficulties at home and it is important that we are made aware of any problems in order to help us to understand the child’s behaviour.   There may also be problems at school and it is vital that everyone involved in the child’s welfare is made aware. If a child is experiencing difficulties at home or their parent has concerns over the child’s behaviour, they should first contact the class teacher and then, if necessary, the Headteacher.

 If the class teacher is concerned about a child’s behaviour, a school leader is consulted and appropriate action is taken. Occasionally, it is necessary to impose sanctions for misbehaviour and if the matter is serious we ask parents to come in to discuss the problem. We expect parents’ support in maintaining good standards of conduct.

 We have a whole school agreed code of conduct known as ‘The Broadfield Way’.   We expect the very highest standard of behaviour at Broadfield Primary School and are proud to encourage qualities such as good manners, thoughtfulness, honesty and hard work. The Broadfield Way is displayed around the school, referred to by all members of the school community and is distributed to every child's home.

 The school’s behaviour policy is available from the school office.

Breakfast, After School and Nursery Lunch Club


All clubs are run every weekday during term time and are run by school staff. Bookings and payments must be made in advance. Booking forms are available from the School Office.

Booking must be made in advance.

Breakfast Club:   Operates from the KS1 dining hall from 7.45am. Children cannot be left before this time. Children are offered a nutritious breakfast and fun activities.

After School Club: Operates from the Windmill room. Children are offered a light tea and a variety of activities and play. Children can be booked in to be collected before 5pm  or 6pm. 



The Broadfield School Association is highly valued by the school. Its enthusiastic and hardworking committee organises social and fund-raising events, which are enjoyed by everyone.   The income helps us to provide extra equipment for the school including musical instruments, sports equipment and computer equipment.

The BSA is always looking for volunteers to help with fund raising, for both specific events and on-going committee work. Please consider contacting the school office to offer your support.

Charging Policy


A wide range of additional activities, including extra curricular activities, educational visits and visits to school by theatrical groups, musicians and poets make a valuable contribution towards pupils’ personal and social education. In October the Year 6 pupils go on a three night residential School Journey and in November the Year 4 pupils go on a two-night residential School Journey to Woodrow House. The Governing Body and the school aim to promote such activities both as part of a broad and balanced curriculum for the pupils and as additional optional activities.

Many of these activities cost money and are beyond the scope of the school budget. For full information about charging and remissions, please request a copy of the Charging and Remissions Policy from the school office.



The school enjoys good links with various members of the community. Of particular note are the excellent links with Adeyfield School. The school also enjoys visits from members of the local faith community.



The School follows the complaints procedure set out by Hertfordshire County Council. This requires a step by step approach involving initially a discussion with the class teacher. If that does not resolve the issue, the Headteacher is approached. Almost all complaints will have been settled by one of these discussions. In the unlikely event of a satisfactory outcome not being reached, a letter should be sent to the Chair of Governors c/o of the school. A small group of Governors will then carry out an investigation. The conclusions are reported back to the individual who has lodged the complaint. In the very rare event of that not being a satisfactory conclusion the process allows further appeal to Hertfordshire County Council.

Document Publication


All school policies and the OFSTED inspection report for the school are available from the school office.

Educational Visits


During the school year, each class has the opportunity to make at least one fieldwork visit including visits to St Albans Cathedral, The Discovery Centre, RAF Hendon Museum, Roald Dahl Children’s Gallery, Watford Mosque, locally to the Queen’s Square, the Gurdwara and Boxmoor Trust. Children in Year Six go on a four day residential trip while the Year Four children go for two nights to Woodrow High House near Amersham.

The school relies on voluntary contributions to make these visits possible.

Parents in difficult circumstances are invited to discuss special arrangements with the Headteacher.

Extra Curricular activities


A range of special interest activities is voluntarily arranged by members of staff and outside agencies. Some extra-curricular activities take place at lunchtimes but most groups meet after school. We are indebted to the staff for running these clubs. Children must obtain parental permission before staying late. Should your child be unexpectedly late coming home, please do not hesitate to telephone to see if s/he is still at school.

 Our current clubs include:











 These are the sort of activities that we organise for the children out of school hours – ask at the school office for an up to date list. Clubs are open to the children as indicated in the current list, but sometimes we have to limit numbers. In the event of a club being over-subscribed, places will be allocated by one of the following methods:

  • Random allocation – names will be ‘drawn from a hat’
  • If the club is one where continuity of attendance is beneficial to pupils' ongoing development of skill (for example, judo or gymnastics) a decision may be taken to offer existing club members first refusal for places.
  • Where the attendance of specific pupils to a club may be considered of particular benefit to those pupils, attendees may be selected on a targeted basis. For example, a child known to have particular issues with completing homework may be invited to attend or allocated a preferential place at the homework club.

 After discussion with staff, the Headteacher's decision is final as to which method of allocation is used. Please address any general questions about clubs to our Clubs Co-ordinator in the school office.

Freedom of Information Act


The school has an Information Policy, as is required by law. A copy is available for inspection in the school office.

Health & Safety


All aspects of health and safety are given a high priority. To help us maintain our standards we ask for your cooperation in the following:

Parents delivering or collecting their children must not drive in the school car park as this endangers children using the same entrance. Please ensure that the footpaths around the car parks are used by pedestrians rather than being tempted to cut through the car park.

Please ensure we have an up to date address and telephone number for emergency contact during the day. The school office should be informed immediately of any changes to these details.

The playground is not supervised by staff before 8.55am or after 3.10pm.   Parents of children up to and including Y3 are asked to ensure that an adult brings their child to school and collects them at the end of the school day.

Children should not bring money, mobile phones or valuables to school without the prior permission of the class teacher in special circumstances.   Children may wear watches to school as long as they have no alarms or games fitted. No jewellery should be worn to school other than ear studs or jewellery worn for religious reasons and no jewellery may be worn during swimming lessons, PE and other games lessons.


We offer part-time education to a maximum of 26 children in the morning session (8.30-11.30am)

All Nursery children are offered a September start following their third birthday.

Other Useful Contact Information


Children, Schools & Families                                           Director of Education

Customer Focus                                                                   County Hall

Room 164                                                                            Hertford

Hertfordshire County Council                                              SG13 8DF

County Hall, Hertford                                                          01992 555555

SG13 8DF                                                                              

01438 737370                                                                     Marlowes Health Clinic

Information regarding free school meals                             Hemel Hempstead

0300 1234048                                                                     HP1 1HE01442 216062


We offer full time education to a maximum of 60 children who are divided into two classes of no more than 30 children per class. All Reception children are offered a September start following their fourth birthday.

Religious Statement


Parents have the right to withdraw their child from Religious Education and collective worship. Suitable alternative provision will be made for the child. Any such request must be made in writing to the Headteacher.

Road Safety


During recent years there have been many improvements to increase the safety of pedestrians both within the school grounds and in the immediate vicinity of the school. These changes have been funded by Hertfordshire Highways in response to the school’s Travel Plan.

Children are put at risk by parents who park or stop to drop off children on the yellow zig-zag lines or use the school entrance to turn their car in as this impairs the children’s vision of the road and drivers’ vision of pedestrians.   It is dangerous and we actively encourage the local community police to patrol at the start and end of the school day as well as doing spot checks ourselves. Please help us to avoid an accident.

Please also take care not to park on the grass verges or across our neighbours’ driveways.



 The school has a legal responsibility to follow up concerns regarding any situation that may endanger a child’s safety.   Occasionally parents may be invited into the school or contacted by other agencies in order to discuss concerns about a child’s safety.

School Council


The Broadfield Primary School Council consists of two elected members from each year group, one from each class. They meet with the Headteacher every few weeks to discuss ideas and strategies to make the Broadfield school community a better place for everyone including children, staff and parents.

School Meals


We are fortunate to have excellent dinners prepared on the premises by Hertfordshire Catering at a cost of £2.30 a day as at September2018. Meals are payable in advance via the School Gateway.  We cannot accept cash or cheques.

Special medical or religious dietary requirements can usually be accommodated, provided we know of particular needs in advance.

Information regarding entitlement to free school meals may be obtained from the Education Department on 0300 123 4048.

Secondary Schools

In recent years Year 6 pupils have moved on to the following local Secondary Schools :




Kings Langley







Security in school is regularly reviewed by the governing body.   External lighting is in place around the entire building and a CCTV system is installed. The school has a contract with a security company who acts as a key holder and carries out patrols.

We have followed the example of other local schools and fitted security fencing and gates to the school playground and field. This has had a significant impact on reducing the number of trespassers on the school grounds. The gates are locked at evenings, weekends and holidays.

The main entrance door has a security system and locks are fitted to all external doors.

All visitors are required to sign the visitors’ book when they arrive and leave and children leaving before the end of the school day are required to sign out so that staff can be sure of exactly which children are in the building.

We take seriously our responsibility to provide a secure environment.

Teacher Access

Every child has a home/school link book to enable communication. The school has an open door policy after school, with parents welcome to pop in for a brief chat with their child’s teacher.   Pre-arranged appointments can be made for longer consultations.

Teachers’ Professional Development


The school maintains a vibrant programme of professional development for all staff. In addition to training in whole school priority areas, staff undergo training in relation to areas for development identified through Performance Management. The Headteacher, together with the training coordinator, monitor the impact of training on the quality of teaching and learning. Teachers’ professional development continues to have a very positive impact on standards. The school is accredited as an ‘Investor in People’.



See Uniform Policy


Your Support

We are always very appreciative of any offers of help that parents can give to the school for activities such as cooking, organising the library, craft work, sewing or accompanying children on visits. Adults who are able to offer some time to the school on a regular basis will be asked to complete a form to obtain Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) clearance.

We welcome gifts of spare materials including paper, textiles, timber off-cuts. We also collect supermarket vouchers and tokens.