A range of special interest activities is voluntarily arranged by members of staff and outside agencies.  Some extra-curricular activities take place at lunchtimes but most groups meet after school.  We are indebted to the staff for running these clubs. Children must obtain parental permission before staying late.  Should your child be unexpectedly late coming home, please do not hesitate to telephone to see if s/he is still at school.



Club booking form


These are the sort of activities that we organise for the children out of school hours – ask at the school office for an up to date list – this table shows the clubs that will be run this term. They are open to the children as indicated, but sometimes we have to limit numbers.  In the event of a club being over-subscribed, places will be allocated by one of the following methods: 

Random allocation – names will be ‘drawn from a hat'. 

If the club is one where continuity of attendance is beneficial to pupils' ongoing development of skill (for example, judo or gymnastics) a decision may be taken to offer existing club members first refusal for places. 

Where the attendance of specific pupils to a club may be considered of particular benefit to those pupils, attendees may be selected on a targeted basis. For example, a child known to have particular issues with completing homework may be invited to attend or allocated a preferential place at the homework club.   

After discussion with staff, the Headteacher's decision is final as to which method of allocation is used.  Please address any general questions about clubs to Ms Joshua, our Clubs Co-ordinator.